Occupational Therapy

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is the use of assessment and intervention to recover or maintain the daily activities of an individual.

At Scope Home Access, our Occupational Therapy assessments are specific to the home environment and aim to evaluate where home modifications, small pieces of equipment and assistive technology could improve a persons ability to remain independent in their home or reduce the risk of injury.

After our expert Occupational Therapist's have conducted an assessment of your needs within the home environment, they are able to design practical, cost-effective home modification solutions tailored to your individual circumstances.

Why have an OT Assessment?

Home modifications are changes made to the structure or layout of the home environment that help improve accessibility and safety. These modifications can range from simple installations such as grab rails and hand-held showers, to more complex changes including bathroom renovations and ramps.

Modifications are usually performed following an assessment of the home by an Occupational Therapist to ensure the accessibility solution you receive is the best fit for your needs and goals. Click here to find out more about Occupational Therapy.

Although the types of modifications we offer are diverse, the purpose remains the same: to reduce hazards and restore your confidence and independence at home.

Scope Home Access can provide you with a range of services to help you stay in your home. Our team of experts can work with you to provide you with quality, cost effective solutions based on what suits your individual circumstance.

After receiving a referral for an Occupational Therapy assessment, our OT Booking Officer will call to arrange a time for our Occupational Therapist to visit you at your home.

On the day of your assessment, your appointed Occupational Therapist will call ahead of time to let you know they're on their way. To ensure safety, during this conversation they will also ask COVID-19 screening questions.

During the assessment, the Occupational Therapist will ask you a number of questions about your situation, areas of concern and goals for independence within your home. 

As appropriate, the Occupational Therapist will also perform a functional assessment to evaluate your mobility, confidence and the level of difficulty you experience whilst performing daily tasks. This may include asking you to interact with your home environment i.e. standing from sitting, walking up stairs, stepping in and out of the shower etc. 

Following this assessment, the Occupational Therapist will discuss your options and provide some general recommendations for home modifications, equipment and assistive technology if required. You will have the chance to ask questions to help you decide if you would like to progress any further. 

Following the face-to-face assessment, the Occupational Therapist will create a written report outlining their home modification recommendations which will be provided to the referring party.

If home modifications have been prescribed and you choose to progress this through Scope Home Access, these recommendations will also be passed on to our intake department. For more information about home modifications, click here