What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is the use of assessment and intervention to recover or maintain the daily activities of an individual.

At Scope Home Access, our Occupational Therapy assessments are specific to the home environment and aim to evaluate where home modifications, small pieces of equipment and assistive technology could improve a persons ability to remain independent in their home or reduce the risk of injury. 

After our expert Occupational Therapist's have conducted an assessment of your needs within the home environment, they are able to design practical, cost-effective home modification solutions tailored to your individual circumstances. 


Why have an OT Assessment?

We recommend that all of our clients have an Occupational Therapy assessment prior to the installation of home modifications to ensure that the proposed changes are the best fit for them both now and into the future. 

Our Occupational Therapists are qualified to prescribe home modifications, assistive technology and equipment that are specific to your needs, mobility levels and individual characteristics e.g. height, weight, strength etc. They also have years of industry experience that allows them to identify potential hazards you may not have considered and/ or predict areas where you may require support in the years to come. 

To ensure the best outcome for the health and safety of the client, an Occupational Therapy assessment is compulsory prior to receiving home modifications if the work is intended to be subsidised through My Aged Care (under the Commonwealth Home Support Program or as a home care package recipient).


              occupational therapists next to hand held shower

What does an Occupational Therapy Assessment involve?