Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that all of our clients have an Occupational Therapy assessment prior to the installation of home modifications to ensure that the proposed changes are the best fit for them both now and into the future.

Our Occupational Therapists are qualified to prescribe home modifications that are specific to your needs, mobility levels and individual characteristics (i.e. height, weight, strength). They also have years of industry experience that allows them to identify potential hazards you may not have considered, or predict areas where you may require support in the years to come.

To ensure the best outcome for the health and safety of the client, an Occupational Therapy assessment is compulsory prior to receiving home modifications if:

  • The work is intended to be subsidised through My Aged Care (MAC)
  • The work is for a participant of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

This will depend on the work involved. Our friendly construction team will always advise you of the cost of the work prior to commencement so you can decide if you'd like to go ahead.

For eligible Aged Care clients, the cost of your Home Modifications will be subsidised under the Commonwealth Support Program (CHSP). For more information, visit our Funding Options page.

The person work is being carried out for needs to be home for the Occupational Therapy assessment. This is essential so the Occupational Therapist can observe how you interact with your home and perform your daily activities. You are welcome to have a friend or family member present to support you or provide assistance.

Clients are provided choice wherever possible however custom fixtures and fittings may incur additional cost. For clients receiving subsidised services, modifications will be installed with standard fixtures and fittings, with clients able to choose between certain options such as floor tile colours, unless the client requests alternatives. These will be quoted for the client prior to installation.

Clients wishing to receive subsidised services may be placed on a waiting list for work to begin. This wait time will vary depending on the current demand. For more specific information, you can give us a call on 1300 765 887.

Absolutely! Your Occupational Therapy Assessment is an interactive experience where you will be able to raise your concerns and discuss which Home Modifications options would work best for you and your situation.

Although recommended to allow for optimal design of your home modifications solution, it is not mandatory to have an Occupational Therapy assessment prior to home modifications under this stream of service. If you opt not to have an OT assessment, modifications will be installed to Australian Building Standards.

Funded services are in high demand and accessing these services may mean being placed on a waitlist. Social Enterprise services are generally not subject to this waitlist, meaning your modifications may be installed sooner.

Additionally, it gives you absolute control about the nature and number of home modifications you have installed, whereas modifications subsidised through our funding streams need to be clinically justified by an Occupational Therapist.