What is CHSP?

The Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) is a government funding initiative to support elderly Australians requiring low levels of support and assistance to remain independent. These supports may include help with your daily activities, health needs, social and community involvement or equipment and maintenance. As an approved CHSP provider, Scope Home Access is able to provide funded services to eligible individuals. 


Am I eligible for CHSP funding? 

To be eligible for CHSP funding, you must be over the age of 65 (or over the age of 50 if you’re an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander). Your health status must also impact your ability to perform daily tasks for example, a diagnosis of arthritis, a recent fall or hospital admission, or simply a change in the family care you have available.


Will funding cover the total cost of work?

Although the Commonwealth Home Support Program provides funding to help pay for home care services, it may not mean that services are free for you. Your subsidy will cover a significant portion of the cost, however in most cases you’ll need to pay a client contribution as well. 


Which Scope services are available through CHSP? 

In our NSW service regions: 
  • Occupational therapy
  • Home modifications 
  • Home maintenance 
  • Yard maintenance 
  • Builder consultation (joint home visit) 
In our ACT service regions: 
  • Home modifications 

To check if we service your area, and to find out what services are available in that region, use our Postcode Locator search. 

How do I arrange service if I AM NOT registered with My Aged Care yet?

If you or someone you know are over the age of 65 (or 50 if Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander) and would benefit from one of our services but aren’t registered with My Aged Care, follow the steps below. 


How do I arrange service if I AM already registered with My Aged Care?

If you or someone you know are already registered with My Aged Care and would like to access one of our services, follow the steps below.

Helpful Info

To download our CHSP - Client Service Information Guide ACT click here.

To download our CHSP - Client Service Information Guide NSW click here