Ben complete his Bachelor of Occupational Therapy in 2020 from Southern Cross University. Ben recently started with the Scope Home Access team, working out of our Shoalhaven office. 

Ben provides Occupational Therapy services to our My Aged Care clients, prescribing equipment and minor home modifications, with the goal of working on any future projects for Scope Home Access and gaining experience to work on major home modifications, so that he can work with My Aged Care and NDIS clients with physical disabilities to make their homes more accessible. Ben combined his studies with working as a support worker for adults with complex physical disabilities, such as Duchene Muscular Dystrophy, and in pediatrics assisting children developing skills such as self-care, social interaction and emotional and sensory regulation. 

Ben loves the feeling of making a difference by improving someone's life, by changing something that may seem trivial or taken for granted by most:

"I worked with one man in a nursing home who wasn't able to hold a spoon anymore. So I did my OT thing, analysed the biomechanics of the hand and made a fitting for his spoon that let him hold it without dropping it. When I left, he could feed himself, he didn't have to wait for nurses to some in and help him eat, his food wasn't going cold and he had some independence back. This scenario is an example of why I love my job, helping people to achieve small goals that make a big difference in their lives"

When not working, Ben enjoys hiking, collecting plants, catching up with friends and family and making his own kombucha!