Extra accessibility means full steam ahead for Canberra Museum visitors!

The ACT branch of our Scope Home Access team recently took their expertise to the Canberra Railway Museum where they were tasked with the installation of an access ramp to help improve accessibility for museum visitors.

The museum is home to some of the oldest and most powerful steam locomotives in the country, each with their own fascinating story – from hauling politicians to parliament and returning soldiers to hospitals.

Our team worked collaboratively with museum staff from start to finish, ensuring the suitability of the design and its compliance with building codes and regulations, as well as providing a detailed scope of works and project costings to assist the museum with grant applications.

The high traffic nature of the museum meant the ramp was built to accommodate all potential users, featuring slip resistant envirowalk decking, handrails compliant with Australian standards and tactile ground surface indicators (TGSI’s) - to give blind or vision impaired users directional information and warning of hazards – all while keeping the ramp’s appearance in line with the heritage building style as requested by the museum.

Museum president Mick McCarthy said of the ramp “We are extremely happy with the ramp; it looks wonderful and is all we expected”.

The project gives guests of all ages and abilities the opportunity to travel back through over 100 years of Canberra’s rich locomotive history.